GTX 580 not recognizing secondary display

Hey guys, I've been trying to figure out this issue for the past while with no results. Currently my computer is hooked up to my monitor via a DVI cable. I'm trying to connect a secondary display (my TV) via the mini hdmi port on my GTX 580 (Gigabyte GTX 580). Since i needed the cable to be long, I bought a long normal hdmi cable and a HDMI to mini HDMI adapter. For some reason, though. the computer doesn't recognize the secondary display using this method. My system specs are:

i7 960
2 gtx 580 SLI
6 gb ram

For some reason neither windows detect displays or nvidia control panel see it, do you guys think it's just the adapter? I used to use a mini hdmi to hdmi cable (included with the cards) on my old tv but now that i've rearranged stuff that cable is no where near long enough. Any thoughts or ideas appreciated.
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  1. You probably just need to tell NVIDIA Control Panel to activate all the displays. Not the same as telling it to detect them, there's actually a box you have to tick to enable all displays. Always seemed dumb to me.

    At least, that's how I had to get both my monitors going at work. Been exclusively using AMD cards at home for years.
  2. I don't see activate all displays..Under the Set up multiple displays tab, I clicked on my display is not shown and i'm given the option to do something called Rigorous Display Detection. When I select that it says it was unable to find additional displays. Is there another option?

    EDIT: weird stuff, all I did was plug it into a different HDMI port on the TV and it worked. Weirder still because that hdmi port works fine on with the PS3 and Xbox
  3. Odd. The enable all displays might be a dual GPU thing. Glad you got it sorted out, though!
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