Is the performance series really that bad?

so, I bought the rosewill 600w power supply when it was on sale:

and the reason being is because my good friend has one and he says it is great, and he was the one that told me to not skimp out on the power supply, and that he did, and now that he has this one, it is all good. im not planning on overclocking and im using a phenom ii x4 and xfx radeon hd 6850 for my future build. chances are this psu will only be temporary, and I will have more money for a new, 80+ certified one later. am i fine?

I also read lots of good reviews, including people with far more expensive systems than mine.
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  1. Stability is what we are concerned about when we choose a PSU. You could not possibly notice the difference in a PSU of good quality and a bad quality without testing it under high load and in certain situation like overclocking.

    Some PSUs do not deliver the rated wattage. Most Rosewill PSUs is both underperforming and not very stable. You friend probably is not using his PSU close t the max rated wattage, so he thinks it is great. While in the meantime his mobo and GPU is getting intermittent dips and spikes in power feed.

    By buying a suggested (better PSU) you are garenteed the rated wattage or even better in some cases AND you are garenteed more stable power feed which results in a longer lasting PSU, GPU and mobo because of this...

    I could get into the specifics of what stability implies but thats a very long story...

    The rosewill rp series is actually a tier 3 meaning they are decent. But there is a special note: temperature sensitive. Here's the 650w version review with the same issue if you wanted more info.
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