800 dollar budget

Hey guys, I need some help with my build. The build I have so far is over my budget, but I really like the reviews on it. So, I was wondering how I could cut of about a hundred dollars on this build. Thanks guys!

OS: windows 7 home premium

Cpu: i5 2500k

Gpu: GeForce gtx 560 1gb

Case: Rosewill challenger atx mid tower

Mobo: Asus p8h61-m lx plus

Spu: Rosewill capstone 650w

Ram: G.skill ripjaws 8gb

Hdd: Seagate sv35.5 1tb

Optical drive: Asus drw

Thanks again for any help
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  1. Oh, and this is primarily for online gaming :D
  2. I would go for the fx 4170 then the i5, gaming performance is the difference of a few frames, and the cpu is great overall, for your gpu, i would get maybe a 6870, awesome game performance, just google the benchmarks, other than that it looks alright, don't forget to change your motherboard if you are going with AMD
  3. save yourself $30 by getting an i5-2300 since you have a H61 motherboard and cannot overclock with that.

    save another $30+ and get a seasonic S12II bronze 520, you don't need more that 500 watts to run that rig.

    get a 500 Gb hard drive for $20 cheaper . . .
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