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Stock fan replacement

I recently replaced my old Core 2 Duo E2200 CPU with a Core 2 Quad Q9550 - excellent processor, still somewhat competent.

My problem is that I did not replace the stock fan that came with the IPIBL-LB motherboard (machine's an HP Pavilion A6400F). The noise when I run CPU-intensive games is horrendously loud. So I am now looking for the best replacement for the stock fan, that will fit within my case and tone it down.

Any ideas?
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    bigcyco1 said:

    If you are willing to pull the motherboard out and install this heatsink in the HP case. I would second this notion.

    If not and are just looking for a simpler bolt on application with clips, I'd suggest this. Although you need to measure you clearance just to be sure. Good Luck.
  2. What about this?

    It's a case fan, but 80mm, which is the size of my heatsink. Can I remove the case and use it as a CPU fan?
  3. Sorry guys, disregard my last - it seems I didn't quite understand the distinction between a CPU fan and a case fan.
    Could someone verify that this is the same one as

    I completely trust Newegg and all - got my Q9550 off there - but I have a Canada Computers in a nearby plaza, and the price there is cheaper than on Newegg - plus I can just stroll in and pick it up. If those two fans are the same, I'll get it from CC.

    Thanks in advance!
  4. Yes it is the same. Just make sure when you get in store that it is the intel version. Which it seems to be. Good Luck.
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