I7 3770k fps issues

Hey guys, I recently picked up this i7 3770k to upgrade my i5 2550k in terms of livestreaming. I am currently able to livestream 1080P Without having hiccups or issues in the stream my only issue atm is game fps drops tremendously, even in 720p my fps will drop while streaming in the same settings that my i5 was able to handle no prob. With my i5 in 720P I was able to pump out well over 120fps in league of legends now with my i7, i dont even see 120+ without streaming. Any siggestions for what could be causing this?
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  1. Whats your GPU?
  2. My gpus a 480GTX
  3. You probably didn't stand to gain much if anything from such an upgrade, you would have done far better to put that 300+ bucks into a 660ti or a 670. Would have been a far more substantial improvement.
  4. The upgrade was simply to go from 720p livestreaming to 1080p, the gpu has 0 issues except heat which i have under control, and loudness but thats fine aswell. My issue is simply with lower fps with my i7 even out of stream than my i5 with exact same settings which shouldnt be the case.
  5. http://imgur.com/3m9OF

    I have the i7 3770k, the one in the pic was a cpu tested that wasnt mine, so why do i get much lower performance ratings?
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