Gtx 680 crashes, don't know what to do, please help!

I recently put together a system with 2x asus gtx680-dc2o-2gd5and it's been running fine for about week and a half. Last night my system crashed after playing starcraft 2 for about an hour. Now steam doesn't recognize my gpus at all. Batman Arkham City doesn't work, Anno 2070 starts but crashes my system, skyrim works, and I haven't tested sc2 yet. I've tried reinstalling directx 9 again as well as reinstalling nvidia's newest drivers.

What do I do? Device manager doesn't report any issues, nvidia control panel says everything is working properly. My Batman copy isn't part of steam and I've had significantly longer gaming sessions. Could one of my graphics cards be bad and how do I check? If I install steam will I have to reforms all my games? Because I have over 100GB in steam games.

Please help... (specs are in signature)
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  1. What PSU and OS? What do you mean that steam doesn't recognize your gpus? Whats in Help/System Information?
  2. Seasonic 860w platinum, running windows 7 64-bit, corny in the process of contacting steam support
  3. Since you are using 2 cards in SLI a good way to test would be to turn off SLI and remove 1 of the cards. Try running your games. Repeat this with the other card.

    Did it work on one card but not the other? If so the card that crashed could be bad.

    If your games played fine on both cards separately or still crashed on both then the problem is most likely one of 2 things: software/driver or another hardware component other than the GPUs.
  4. is there anyway to repair directx? i've been getting alot of errors about how directx 9 is damaged however whenever I try to reinstall it windows won't let me since windows 7 already has directx 11...

    any advice?

    currently working on swapping out the video cards, I'm thinking about reformatting and doing a clean install of windows...
  5. This is for the American version. If that's not yours just go to the download center and search for "directx runtime".
  6. i've already attempted that, doesn't do anything, says i have a newer version of directx already and that it won't install.

    i've also tested out both video cards independently without errors...i'm thinking i should do a clean install of the operating system because from what i've read it says that rolling back to a restore point will not resolve the directx issue.
  7. also in dual SLI, should i be connecting 2 bridges or just one bridge to the first connectors?
  8. One bridge.

    You can always run "dxdiag" to test your directx components.
    Under the Windows start button, find "Run..." and type in "dxdiag" without the quotes.

    I recommend you do another install of the 301.42 WHQL drivers by completely uninstalling the current drivers through the Windows Control Panel add/remove programs dialog, restarting the PC, then selecting the "Clean Install" option when installing the new drivers.

    For Steam games, you can "Verify the game files". In your Steam games Library, right click on the game you are having problems with, select "Properties", select "Local Files", select "Verify integrity of game files..."
  9. i've already done all those steps, i've already tested both my gpus independently, i've even tested my ram
  10. still no luck, this is what I've done so far

    tested system without graphics
    tested system with one 680
    tested system with alternate 680
    tested system in sli with new sli cable
    reformatted and tested system in sli

    dxdiag still reports no abnormalities, still having performance issues, still having random windows crashes, i'm starting to think it's the motherboard...

    if i rma the motherboard will i have to get a new copy of windows 7 since i used an oem copy?
  11. No, you may need to speak with someone at Microsoft, but they will allow you to replace a defective motherboard. Speaking from experience.
  12. do you think it's the board? is there a program i can run to test it? should i downgrade my bios?
  13. joaompp said:
    do you think it's the board? is there a program i can run to test it? should i downgrade my bios?

    Hard to say, but I went through something where I RMA'ed a power supply and video card and did all sorts of things before I finally figured out it was a defective motherboard. Then, they RMA'ed my motherboard with another defective one!!! Talk about aggravating, but I finally bought yet another motherboard and everything was fine.
  14. that blows, last thing i want to rma is the board, so much work involved getting it out and putting another back in... i think i'm going to try to call asus tomorrow and see if they could help me out in terms of resolving this issue i guess, since i primarily did buy asus products.
  15. ....i just released that asus's gpu-z is reporting that they gtx680s are running on PCIe 1.1 @ 8x each.... could that be an indication that the board is bad?
  16. do you think having something in the first slot of the PCIe 1x slot of my p8z77-deluxe would cause this performance degradation? i have a sound blaster card in that slot.
  17. Try wiping out windows 7, reinstall everything and use the 301.42 drivers.
  18. I already did all that
  19. joaompp said:
    ....i just released that asus's gpu-z is reporting that they gtx680s are running on PCIe 1.1 @ 8x each.... could that be an indication that the board is bad?

    You have to hit that little question mark symbol "?" next to the bus info box. Then run the render test to get the true value.
  20. at first I thought it was the pcie x1 sound card that I had that was crippling it so i took it out, when i restarted the problem was still there, then i reinstalled the lastest bios (1015 for the second time) and it went to pcie 3.0 x16 @ x8 1.1, nvidia control panel says its pcie 3.0 x8 on each of the profiles for the gtx's, then i put the sound card back in and no bandwidth problems. steam still doesn't know what video device i have. i'm going to try to reinstall nvidia drivers and see what happens.
  21. So I reinstalled nvida again selecting clean installation to see if it would help, but it didn't and now the crashes are happening more often, =/
  22. So the single cards work, but SLI causes crashes?
  23. No, crashes happen regardless, and they're random, sometimes i'm gaming sometimes i'm just posting to the forums, happens regardless of the gpu configuration
  24. Motherboard or power supply.
  25. One last idea, try the cards in sli in a different mobo , it could be the PSU too even the sli bridge
  26. I don't have access to another mother board that supports pcie, three computer I replaced was still using agp graphics slots, but I've already determined the crashes happen even without the video cards.
  27. so i replaced the motherboard, but now i'm getting terrible fps, i used to be able to run batman arkham city on full settings with 8x MSAA and get an average of 60 fps but now it won't even run the benchmark at those settings, looking at the ASUS gpu tweak software one of my gtx680s isn't fully starting up, its only half ass running, i think i might need to replace it.
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