New build coming soon, just want to be sure it works for HD editing!

Hey guys! Recently, and thanks to the help many of you gave me, I bought new parts for my computer. A motherboard, an i5 2400 processor, 8GB or 12GB Ram (my father bought me that one and he doesn't want to tell me which one it is, says he likes the surprise. I'd suppose it's 12GB but he likes his little joke so I can't be sure), and a GTX 560Ti.
Now, since my dream is to become a director, my first goal with this computer is to use it for editing in HD and maybe FULL HD in Premiere Pro CS6. Obviously, I want to use the power of the Nvidia Cuda cores, so I'm going to hack PPCS6 so the 560Ti's cores can be usable.
I'm anxiously waiting to finally arrive so we can put it together (I already have all the other pieces, except the Power Supply which I'm buying when the pieces get here), and I just want to know whether I would soon need to update my parts.
I just want to know whether the GTX560Ti is enough to be editing in HD with immediate, stable reproduction without lag, on Premiere Pro. Do you think I will have problems with my projects? Will it lag? I really hope not!
How is the i5 2400 btw? Is it good enough for this? I know the Cuda cores take most of the work, but still the processor has its importance so is it good?

Thanks a lot.
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  1. I'm not familiar with that program, but the 560ti is a decent card. Obviously there are much better ones out there, like the GTX 670/680. Since you've already got the GPU, my advice would be to get a solid PSU of 750 or 850W (overkill a bit) and SLI another 560ti if you need more power. First, though, try running your program to see how well it runs. You could be perfectly satisfied without the extra cost.
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