Wierd Display Problem
This happened all of a sudden. Is my Graphics card dead?.

Acer ASpire 5740G
ATI 5650M

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  1. Has anything happened to the laptop recently? a drop or a spill of some kind?

    Could be the screen or the GPU. Does the problem change with different angles of the display? are your laptop's fans running? the GPU could be overheating too
  2. thanks for the reply
    Nothing mentionable happened..
    No, the problem doesn't depend on the angle
    the problem is still there, if i switch the laptop on after switching it off for an hour.
    one thing which is not noticeable in the video is the appearance of random letters in random places on the screen
  3. How recently did you buy the laptop?

    Is it under warranty?
  4. the good old loose connection. ;)
  5. good, you got it figured out then?
  6. but i dont know which component had been loosely connected, how do i close the thread?
  7. This topic has been closed by Mousemonkey
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