Should I get a Sabertooth z77 or an H61 + Core i5-3470?

I am planning on either upgrading my Mobo to a better one, or getting an H61 mobo + a better processor.

By the way, here are my current specs:

ASUS P8H61-M LE (i will be replacing this as well, since one of the 2 ram slots doesnt work anymore)
Inno3d GTS 250 (will be upgrading to a Palit 650 Ti)
Intel Core i3-2100
FSP Epsilon 600w 80+
G.Skill Ripjaws X 2x2gb (will be upgrading to an Avexir 2x4gb Core Series)
Coolermaster K380 PC Chassis
Deep Cool Ice Blade Pro HSF
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  1. If its gaming that you focus on then i'd say...Just get an even better gpu (say a 660 ti) and wait for Haswell (expected in june-Aug 2013).

    If you plan to own multiple machines (say an all new AMD/Intel build), then Z77 would be a better option for future upgrades salvaging parts from your current config

  2. I have no plans of owning multiple units. And I will be getting a 650 Ti Soon. The 660Ti is too much for my budget. :P

    Would the Haswell processors be compatible with the z77 chipset?
  3. if you're fine with your current mobo, keep it, do a BIOS update, then upgrade the CPU, all in that order.

    you'll need BIOS 4104 if you want a 3470.

    from there, any cash you had planned on getting a new mobo can be re-allocated for a better GPU if you wish.

    if you want more onboard USB 3.0, then a new mobo makes sense if you're willing to spend, but not a Sabertooth Z77 if you're going for an i5-3470. a B75/Z75/H77 will do you good for half to one third the price of the Sabertooth.

    if you want to OC, then grab a 3570K and a decent Z77, say Asrock's Z77 Extreme4, unless the Sabertooth's build quality is a major turn on for you or you want to get into enthusiast level of OCing.

    EDIT: Haswell will be using a new socket, so no, it's not backwards compatible.
  4. I won't be doing any OC at all..

    And about updating the BIOS of my H61, can you give me a link on how to do it sir? I have no idea at all :P
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