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how many connectors does the phantom 410 fan controller have? i keep reading different things? my choice is between this or a z11 with the sentry mesh fan controller... if the 410 has enough connectors then thats wat ill get
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  1. In the Phantom 410 you can put up to 6 fans to the fan controller. 2 of them are already connected. The Z11 is a great case too, good quality and it looks great (With red or white LED fans) but it has lots of mesh in the front and the dust will be a problem.
  2. thats perfect ill just have to double up on a cpl... i love both of them and no matter how much i research its probably gonna be a game time decision... more color options from the 410 make it easier to color match ur build, i was gonna to a black and red amd build but the 3570k is around the same as the fx8350 not much difference in the boards i wanted for both either... im now thinkin white(black trim)410, asrock extreme6 1155, black phanteks cooler, blue led fans, and blue avexir ram for astheatics
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