Laptop that can play games for 5 years

Can anyone suggest me a laptop that can play the BEST games at high settings which might be released even after 4-5 years.
Budget $3000
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  1. there is no laptop, that will be able to max out any game for 4-5 years.
  2. Hold on, I have it right here behind my crystal ball, next to my divining rod.
  3. LOL I doubt that there are any desktops capable of doing that. 5 years ago for intel would be the q6600 and and GPU would be the 8800gtx. I doubt that the q6600 with dual sli 8800gtx can max out the currently most demanding games at 1080p.
  4. A 5 year old laptop would have only been half that fast. You'd be lucky to play bf3 on low.
  5. good luck on this.

    buy a $1500 laptop now and a $1500 laptop in 3 years. Much better choice.
  6. ^ +1 to that
    Or better yet, buy a lan party rig and a cheap laptop so get best of both worlds.
    2 x 1k lan rig/desktops and 2x$500 latops
  7. It's difficult enough to build a desktop that can last 5 years for games w/o any upgrades.
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