How do you test new graphics card for defects

hello folks,
when i buy new memory sticks (ram sticks) i usually run it in memtest 86 for such amount of time to check for any memory defects, and either do an rma to the vendor or keep it if it pass the test.
but how do i do something like this for video cards. because i just got the 680 signature super clocked, and while it played modern warfare 3 just fine, i'm getting stuttering and occasional crashes to desktop in skyrim, and now i'm wondering if its game related or hardware related. i max out all the settings including anti aliasing and anisotropic filtering. but i still get the stuttering even if i turn the anti aliasing and anisotropic filtering to off.
i though the gtx 680 is suppose to be able to handle any game?

my system specs are:
asus maximus v gene
i7 2700k
corsair vengeance 32gb ram
corsair professional 850 watt
gtx 680
samsung 128gb ssd

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  1. Stuttering is common in skyrim.It loads texture while you play.Play Bf3,crysis2 to be sure.Ungine heaven will also do.Make sure skyrim is patched.What ur framerate in skyrim?
  2. How big are the stutters?
  3. i just updated skyrim. the stuttering seems to have reduced a lot, but it is still there. i can notice it. most of the time it is pretty smooth. but occasionally it will slow down a bit. like mostly when i look around. i turned off anti aliasing and anisotropic filtering on the new patch and it still stutter like when it was on. just very light stuttering. but very playable.
    also, the stuttering is noticeable when i'm in first person view, but when i go to third per view, like when i can see my character in front of the screen, the stuttering goes away. this is in the same spot where i get the stuttering. like when i pan around in first person it stutter, and i switch out to third person the stutter goes away. weird.
    i was expecting the game to be silky smooth "all the time", is this still not true for this game even if i'm using a video card like the gtx 680? i only have one gtx 680 video card in my pc by the way, so no sli. do you think if i put another gtx 680 in sli will make the stuttering go away?

    also, i'm playing sky rim on a samsung led tv at 1920 by 1080 resolution at 60hz and i do have vsync and triple buffering turned on in the nvidia control panel. the gtx 680 should handle that resolution just fine, yes?
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