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I hear that there is new CAT7.

My Desktop which is almost 1 month old from now encounters a "!" sign on internet signal this is never happened before I own my current desktop (I also have a P4 desktop)

I was thinking that getting this problem might my motherboard which is not supported CAT5e series etc... but I lived in a Dormitory-like here in Japan and Im not sure that they are supported higher CAT series aside from cat5-6?

My problem is should I get CAT6 or 7 to fix my problem? because getting a "!" sign on my internet signal will slowdown my net, game, video streaming etc. . .
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  1. CAT5e is good for up to GigaBit=1000Mb networks your internet connection will not exceed more then 50Mb speed; therefore, I doubt it is the network cable.
  2. It has nothing to do with your cable...try reseting your computer & router. And make sure you have the correct key for the network, if there is one.
  3. The yellow "!" means that there are logical connectivity problems with the internet. This has nothing to do with your cabling type. As emerald said, CAT5E is already way faster than your ISP, your ISP will always be the bottleneck therefor the cabling is no where near the issue. Check with your ISP and have them look at the modem and also check your router. Do other computers that connect using the same router get the same connectivity issues?
  4. I dont know because as I said Im leaving a dorm-like here in Japan, I checked the ping and it says Ping is 7 then my download speed is 89mb per second I forgot about the upload but it must be 60ish or like that... I really think that this problem is ISP of this house well I cant blame it since this house is a BUILDING from 3rd floor to 6th is a dorm. But hey its a whole building with internet but the download and upload speed are fast enough to play online games right?
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    shuin_exe said:
    But hey its a whole building with internet but the download and upload speed are fast enough to play online games right?

    Absolutely. Granted, it does depend on where the servers for your games are located. Meaning, you can have the fastest internet in the whole country but if you're trying to connect to a server on the other side of the world you'll still have a low ping and choppy connection.

    But, if we're just considering your local network speeds, your setup is just fine.
  6. Thanks guys for clearing things right! I just worried that I cant play online games because I have a fine cpu now ^_^;
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