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Hi i am in the process of upgrading my system since its a little old. My current System

CPU: i5 2500K Stock


GPU:GTX 460 1G OC Cyclone


I was thinking of getting a GTX 660 ti but i also want a i7 3770K. What do you guys think will be the better upgrade. Also i just got far cry 3 so this will be mainly for that.
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  1. There wont be much performance difference from the i5 to the i7, your best of getting the gtx 660 or something like a 7870
  2. GPU 100%.

    upgrading cpu will give you nothing.
  3. Thanks i will be getting a gtx 660.
  4. GPU. Gotsta be!
  5. Go for the GPU, but also OC that cpu!
  6. +1 for OCing your CPU and a new GPU.

    You will see no FPS difference from getting an i7
  7. +2 to that. Nice choice of GPU also, that's what I'd buy if I was buying a new one now.

    EDIT: Just noticed the chipset... don't think you can OC on that?
  8. That's true. New Mobo required :)
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