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I built a new pc on july 15 and it was running great up until the 22. Now everytime i play a game it will crash all the time, sometimes after i just start it and nothing has loaded. I recently have gotten the blue screen thing, so i ran WhoCrashed and i have recieved this

Crash dumps are enabled on your computer.

On Wed 25/07/2012 12:56:03 AM GMT your computer crashed
crash dump file: C:\Windows\Minidump\072412-10296-01.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: hal.dll (hal+0x12A3B)
Bugcheck code: 0x124 (0x0, 0xFFFFFA800964C028, 0xBE000000, 0x800400)
file path: C:\Windows\system32\hal.dll
product: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
company: Microsoft Corporation
description: Hardware Abstraction Layer DLL
Bug check description: This bug check indicates that a fatal hardware error has occurred. This bug check uses the error data that is provided by the Windows Hardware Error Architecture (WHEA).
This is likely to be caused by a hardware problem problem. This problem might be caused by a thermal issue.
The crash took place in a standard Microsoft module. Your system configuration may be incorrect. Possibly this problem is caused by another driver on your system which cannot be identified at this time.

I ran prime95 for a while and all my temps stayed below 55 and at idle they're around 20

I ran Furmark and i was getting poor frames at 1080 with no AA on, but my thermals were fine nothing higher than 80 because the fan would ramp up to about 40% and keep it steady

I am wondering if a fresh install of windows 7 would be the best idea?
If so, i have my windows 7 installed on an ssd, but all my media and games are on a separate hdd. Would i lose my stuff on my hdd if i reformat my ssd and reinstall windows 7?
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  1. Try system restore.

    Your system configuration may have been, "altered". (Pray it's not altered further.) Thermal issues are not the only cause of hardware errors. Loose connections (solder joints or gold finger joints) can cause them as well.

    If you reformat your system drive and reinstall Windows 7, you will make it difficult to run any installed software on the separate HDD. If, as part of installation, that software created registry keys (these are stored in ntuser.dat on your SSD), they will no longer be accessible because they'll have been deleted. They can also do other things like install system services that run at startup, alter environment variables, etc.

    However, your media (music, pictures, etc.) will still be accessible. Provided they are not protected by DRM. If they are DRM protected, it will require extra effort.
  2. I guess I'll try a restore

    edit*** what if my last restore point it will let me use is from the 24th? It won't show anything around the 18-20th and i know my computer created a few restore points there

    oh and the only programs are games from steam, not sure if there is any difference
  3. Steam games can be redownloaded and reinstalled (at least, that's what I assume.)

    If there are no restore points (even after selecting the "show more restore points.." checkbox), your alternative is, unfortunately, to reinstall windows, or attempt to debug the issue further. (Tools like windbg will help there)

    If you provide me with a memory dump (located in C:\Windows\minidump\ and C:\Windows\memory.dmp) I can try to debug this issue for you.

    System restore can also use system image backups created with Windows 7's backup feature. (You did set that up, right? :)
  4. Not sure what that is, but i know my wisedisk program makes a lot of backups

    I think I may have to just reformat
  5. You may be able to restore from those backups, however, it won't be done using Windows System Restore, rather, it would be from within the wisedisk program. If it creates drive images, the process should be rather easy.

    Windows 7 comes with a Backup and Restore feature.
  6. well sh%^, windows is using the restores points made by wisedisk.

    Guess i have to reformat, but could I install a copy of windows 7 on my hdd then erase the copy on my ssd then reinstall on my ssd and delete the one on my hdd?

    Sounds tedious, but then i won't have to redownload 200Gb of games
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    Ah, no. It would be easier to reformat the SSD after backing up its entire contents to your HDD.

    There is also the option of not reformatting the SSD. In this case, windows will move the existing Windows installation to Windows.old, and install on top. This will still lose any installed games (as in, they won't be in the start menu), however, you may be able to persuade steam into not redownloading 200GB of games, as the game data will still be present. Just be sure you have 25GB free on the SSD, otherwise Windows will not be able to install.
  8. guess i'll try the last method
  9. seems to have worked, thank you very much
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  11. Did it resolve your original issue with blue screens?
  12. I think so, nothing has gone wrong.
  13. I got the blue screen again, it first happend with world of tanks and again for the second time with world of tanks.

    I did the whocrashed and nothing shows up this time though
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