What would be better for gaming... i5 -3450 with HD 7770 or i3 2120 with HD7850
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  1. Depends on which games, if the game favors multi cores the i5 will be the better choice.

    However, most games are not multi-threaded and only use about 1-2 cores at max, the i3 would be a better choice.
  2. if it was me i'd go with the I3 7850 combo. it tends to out perform all of amd's line up, unless there overclocked enough, plus most of the time it's better to spend a little extra on gpu power then cpu. unless your playing more cpu bound games like RTS's or simulations such as FSX.

    so why only these two combos
  3. the i3/7850.
    even though threading is not as good as an actual core we ain't talking about a dual core E8500 vs Q6600 here.
  4. or if you have a better combo for around $350 please give inputs
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