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I'm thinking about getting a logitech wireless keyboard. Is it worth getting, or is it too lossy to game on. I'm not planning on using it more than a few feet from my desk. Are there any other models from other companies that are worth looking at?
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  1. I have the wireless iTouch keyboard. I only have problems with it when I'm at the LAN party I frequent. I don't know if it's just because of all the computers, or because someone else has the same keyboard, or what.

    Anyhow, I have that and the wireless optical mouse, and I love them both.
    My advice to anyone with wireless stuff is to keep a wired backup in case they start freaking out. All wireless stuff is tempermental, but again I hardly ever have problems with mine.

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  2. Well if your looking at a Logitech produced board, why not got eh hog and get a MouseMan wireless optical mouse as well? Unless you have already got one.
    I haven't used this combo as of yet, but have heard some good raves on it.
    Can't wait to lay hands to it.
  3. i'm getting the wireless optical mouse and the wireless keyboard in the next week or so,. i will let you know how they work

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  4. The mouse is awesome, don't know about the keyboard.

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  5. I have two... cause I just HATE wires on the desk!
    Both include wireles mouse also. Both infer-Red.
    Both work very well, reliable with positive feel. A bit amazing cause you cant tell by the feel their cordless.

    A KeyTronic Lifetime Series Cordless with Touchpad. Nice feel, positive. Only dislike is the mouse touchpad location under the arrow keys - it should be under the space bar in the middle like notebooks. Ya learn to use your little finger on the pad however. But Nice Touchpad - tap, and double-tap for clicks - and tap and dowm for drag! Very acceptable for daily use. Eats batteries - every 4 to 6 weeks. A litttle big as feet-up lap key board - but not bad! Have had it since 98, no problem... Good reception distance and angle. Gets less as batteries age. Has feature and switch for Hi or Low infer-red light signal. Hi light signal really eats bateries, like only a week. Normal is fine within 6-8 feet of desk. Hi easy goes 20 feet.

    A SurfBoard - mabe by??? Great feet-up, lap key board! Am using it right now. A smaller keyboard, no numeric pad( num keys under letter keys like notepad keyboard). Nice fell, no problems, positive touch. Again, biggest diskile is location(upper right) of mouse nub and and the right and left buttons under the nub - but ya get used to it pretty quick - and its rubber mouse nub is more responsive than a StinkPad nubbie. Good batery life... 6-8 months or more. Unbelievable distance and angle reception to the light sensor - ya can turn around, back to the computer and sensor, and bounce the infer-red off white walls. My favorite lap keyboard... Got it in 99 - and no problems.

    Either is quite acceptable for keyboard gaming - but the mouse can't match an on-the-desk mouse. The mouse interface is slower to use than a desk mouse, I still keep a box with a corded, desk mouse for sensitive, rapid work.

    Both are great for family room, PC-2-TV, computer by(or in) the entertainment center! That's what I got the first one for. Worked so well I got the wires off desk next...
    Or I setup to change the server with out leaving my workstation. I like em both, and can use em both in the same room.

    But I still want to find a cordless keyboard/mouse combo with the touchpad in the middle, so ya can use your thumbs on the pad like a notepad and dont have to take your fingers away from home positions... One of my biggest gripes for the current PC interface is losin home for the mouse.

    Havn't found it yet!

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  6. Thanx for the input, I think I'm going to go for just a keyboard. I'd rather just stick to my normal corded mouse and trackball. When not gaming, I prefer my Microsoft Trackball Optical. Though it doesn't work for gaming( for me), its great for everything else.
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