Nvidia Drivers 301.42 new features and Fixed some issues

I'm not sure if anyone posted anything on this yet...

The new Nvidia drivers 301.42 fixed a few issues I was having and apparently have a few new features for surround vision.

Nvidia new features (Big improvement to anyone who leaves surround vision enabled for the desktop) :D

NVIDIA Desktop Management: Maximize applications to a single physical display when in Surround mode.
NVIDIA Desktop Management: Confine the Windows Taskbar to the center display.
NVIDIA Bezel Peeking: ‘Peek’ behind monitor bezels to reveal obscured menus and game information.
NVIDIA Central Display Acceleration: Play single-screen games at full speed on Surround setups.
NVIDIA Custom Resolution Management: Add or remove Surround resolutions to improve compatibility in applications and games.


I am running two gtx 480's in sli in Windows 7 ultra 64bit.

1. 3D Blu-rays are working again. For the life of me I spent hours trying to get 3D mode to work with movies, but couldn't. All I'd get was a black screen or standard video. Was driving me mad. Well, now it's working great after the driver update. :D

2. 3D looks better with these drivers IMO. Less flickering, crosstalk, just overall better on the eyes.

3. Before my keyboard and mouse would randomly stay on after powering down. I didn't even consider it being the graphics drivers, but now they shut down with the PC. (wierd)

4. haven't tried it yet, but supposed to fix stuttering in dirt 3. Only game i've really had a problem with consistently. I'll post again when I get home after I try it.

Glad to see Nvidia finally fixing some issues and listening to the community. Now if only they can get some stock out with the new graphics cards..
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  1. hmm... I'll have to check that out when I get home.. Thnx for bringing that up.
  2. Well, I just got home and tested my games, and I'm not having any problems what so ever with the gpu clocking problem. Also, tried dirt 3, and it's fixed!! Not only is the stuttering gone, but it's also working in 3d surround smooth as butter. I could never get 3d to work before. Tried a few other games just to be sure, and they all seem to be working great. :D

    I'm thinking, all those problems other people are having with these drivers must be a conflict with another commonly used program or something. Both my cards are currently at stock clocks, haven't tried overclocking them with these drivers yet. If I get time this weekend maybe I'll try overclocking a lil.
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