Upgrading GPU for D3 - $100-$150 budget - don't know system specs

Hi all, thanks in advance for the help!

I want to point out, I am trying to follow the posting guidelines but I don't know how to find all my system specs and details so first and foremost I need help on exactly which specs I need to identify and a general idea on how to do that. If there is a guide to that posted on the site I have not found it.


USAGE: PC gaming - D3 and other new popular PC games as they come out. Not looking to run max settings on crysis or something just want to have enough power to run new games on medium to high settings

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY:Current GPU: GeForce G210 500MB, Power supply have no idea

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Not sure what info is relevant and how to get it. I have a 2 year old HP that I bought and it came assembled

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: would prefer to use newegg - getting some other componants from there this week as well

PARTS PREFERENCES: would prefer to use an NVidia card

SLI OR CROSSFIRE:don't know what this is probably not gonna need this


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:budget is $100, $150 if that is really going to be better for me. Really need help understanding how to assess the specs of my system

I appreciate any help you can provide!
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  1. We need to know your power supply first! And is it a regular size desktop or a slimline?

    And what CPU do you have? That is important for bottleneck reasons. If you don't know, right click Computer in the start menu and hit Properties, it will tell you the model number.
  2. It is a regular size desktop case.

    How do I find my power supply info?

    info from my computer properties

    Manufacturer: HP
    Model: e9105z
    processr: AMD Phenom 9750 quad core 2.4 GHz
    RAM: 6 MB
    System type: 64 bit Vista Home Premium

    Sorry I'm so computer illiterate!
  3. Well since you posted the model number of your computer, I found it for you! 350w, certainly not bad.

    Since you don't sound like you have much experience with computers, I'd recommend this card! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127665 It does not require a 6-pin PEG connector from your PSU, it gets all its power from the PCIe slot (its the most powerful card that does that!) Its performance would be miles ahead of your G210.

    Edit: Poster above beat me too it and recommended the same GPU! Haha either one works, I just recommended the MSI version because of the dual fan design.
  4. You can find the power supply info here:
    It says 350W. Not much.

    The most cost effective graphics card for you is the AMD 7750. It does not require a new PSU & at 1440x900 will give you very smooth gameplay.

    The performance of the 7750 is between 6670 & 6850 so you are in very good fps range (check the 1680x1050 benchmark where you will even get higher fps because your resolution is smaller).
  5. Awesome thanks for the info, bought one of those cards!
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