Best processor/components to go with GTX 680?

Hey there, just as the title says, what would be the best processor and components (mobo and ram especially) for the GTX 680? I'm thinking about getting a LGA 1366 socket compatible mobo and processor (eyeballin' the 980x/990x, good/bad idea?) as opposed to the more expensive LGA 2011 since it's cheaper, but is there a big difference in performance? I wouldn't mind spending a little more $$ to get the LGA 2011 if there is a big difference. Might even liquid cool it, but I'd have to learn how to do so (is this even worth the hassle and money?).

Oh, and is there a "better" brand/model for the GTX 680? I know about the EVGA FTW and whatnot, but I'm quite skeptical about all this. It just seems like a marketing strategy to me; I mean, I'm sure there's a difference in numbers (especially the $$), but is there really a huge difference? If so, which one would you recommend?

Thanks all.
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  1. From Intels side a Z77X UD5h from Gigabyte or if you have the money the Assassin are great motherboards, throw on a i5 3550(k) and you will be a for away.

    From AMD's side a FX 8120 if you can get a good pricing on it, with a ASUS crosshair v Formula or Asrock Fatality 990fx board.
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  3. Actually after the release of the GTX 670 and tumbling prices/GHZ edition unlock BIOS adventures of the HD 7970 i don't see the GTX 680 as a wise buy to be honest ^^
  4. Hmm... so GTX670 over the GTX680? How big is the performance gap? I might have to check that out, and how do 7970's fare with Intel processors? If nVidia and Intel work better together, I'd rather go nVidia. And as for chassis, does it make a difference if I get micro ATX or ATX?
  5. 5%.

    Doesn't make a difference. GPU is not dependent on the CPU.
  6. You sound really confident on that 5%. How true is that? $100+ difference in price for only 5% gain? That'd be crazy if it were true. What about the whole "bottleneck" between CPU and GPU? I'd like to get the best CPU and mobo that'd give the best performance when hooked up with the GTX 680, or even the 670 for that matter now.
  7. No GPU is going to bottleneck a current gen CPU.
  8. Would the i7 from Bloomfield or Gulftown be considered as a current gen CPU? Thinking about the i7 965/975/980x/990x. Can't decide on which one, or if I should go with 'em at all. Looks like people on the web are favoring the 3xxx series.
  9. No. That is old. Current gen is i7-3770k and i5-3570k, i5-3570, i5-3450, and i5-3550.
  10. Mmmm... ok, I'll have to reconsider my options. The 3770k looks pretty nice. How does it compare with the 3930k?
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    Err our very own forums suggested the GTX 670 made the GTX 680 irrelevant here

    GeForce GTX 670 2 GB Review: Is It Already Time To Forget GTX 680?,3200.html

    and the HD 7970 GHZ landing the best single GPU solution today

    AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition Review: Give Me Back That Crown!,3232-19.html

    By the way this review was over a month old
    Suddenly, the vanilla Radeon HD 7970 looks a lot more attractive priced between $460 and $480

    HD 7970s can be found as low as $410AR-$420 today with 3-4 games coupons
  12. Quote:
    You sound really confident on that 5%. How true is that? $100+ difference in price for only 5% gain? That'd be crazy if it were true.

    Yes, thats right, so as batuchka says the choice is really only 670 or 7970, which looks awfully good after the 12.7 drivers, but you wouldn't be disappointed with either card.
  13. Alright cool. So I decided on the GTX 670 and the i7 3770k. Which mobo would be best for this couple? Looking at the ASUS P8Z68, but can't decide as I am new to all this. Also, which brand/version of GTX 670 is the best for its price? I see some from 380-450 and can't tell if the $70 price gap makes a difference. Thanks again y'all.
  14. I'd go with he Gigabyte GTX 670 here :P
    Yep u are welcomed and happy shopping ^^
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  16. Yep u are welcomed and happy shopping ^^
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