Catalyst driver overextends Win7 desktop w/ HDMI cable


Catalyst 12.4 driver is stretching my windows 7 (64) desktop beyond edges of my monitor. I can not see about 1 cm of my icons and taskbar as it is partially off the screen.

What do I do to fix this?

AMD 7850. I am using an HDMI cable to connect my LCD monitor to the video card.

Note that when I uninstall catalyst driver windows will auto-switch to it's HD driver. I switch to native resolution for LCD monitor. Windows borders look perfect. The text is also sharp!

When I install Catalyst the borders of my desktop get stretched and the text looks a bit blurry.

I am Not able to adjust Scaling Properties (underscan/overscan) via "My Digital Flat-Panels" within Catalyst Control Center. The slider is not selectable. I do not know if this adjustment is the problem , but I am unable to move this slider.
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  1. There is catalyst 12.6 just released. Try it as it may have better support for the newer cards.
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