Should i buy a 5970?

Hey well i just have one question a friend of mine y getting a 7970 so he is selling his old 5970 too me for $383 so is still good for the newest games and is a good investment waste almost 400 dollars on this card or should i get a new one ??
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  1. If you could get it for $200 id say grab it, but its 2 generations old, its power hungry, and it runs hot. Its still a viable card, sort of, but mostly it would be good for BitCoin mining and the such. Get a 670 or 7870 for that price, youll be much happier.
  2. Ok ty guys i think im going to wait then to get an upgrade from my 5770
  3. If your in need of some performance boost. I would recommend upgrading your 5770 to a 6870. It offers a substantial performance boost while using only 43 Watt more power;
    While the 6870 may be last generation, it's proving to have great price & performance ratios while also offering much more performance for the money than what's available in the current generation lineup. But because it's last generation, it's drivers are also that much more mature.

    Depending on your Power Supply, a 6870 may be the way to go.

    5770 vs 6870 specs [look at power consumption]

    5770 vs 6870 Benchmark

    XFX 6870 1GB [Price $189.99 + Free Shipping / Before $30 Rebate]
    Reason: This XFX Model may cost $10 more than the other 6870s after rebate, but I feel the dual fans will disperse heat faster and more efficiently during load operations.

  4. Yeah i was thinking to get a 6870 first but then my friend told me about the 5970.

    The problem i want a good price/performance card but the problem with the 6870 is that i have a M5A97evo motherboard and i think the crossfire is not going to be amazing in this motherboard.

    But yeah maybe would be better if i get a 6870
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