Help on upgrading my computer

hi! these are the spec of my current computer

processor: amd athlon 2 x2
memory: 4gb memory ram
vcard: ati radeon 4670
monitor: 19inch max res is 1366x768
power supply: generic 500watts

the only hardware that i wanna upgrade right now is the vcard and the processor. im going to up my vcard to hd6670 and my processor to fx4100. im not that hardcore gamer when it comes to pc but i want my game to run on max res, high quality, and high AA on my current monitor. i wanna know your insights about this and im open for suggestions and advise.
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  1. ii think just GPU , FX4100 is AM3+ and DDR3
  2. When it comes to gaming the single most important part is the video card and while there are some games that are cpu dependent as long as you have a quad core cpu you should be ok. But the video card is going to determine for the most part what you are going to get for settings , resolution and fps.
    The settings and resolution that you play at are also going to be determined by the game , since the game WOW can get high settings and high resoultion with say the 6670 if you then put in the game BF 3 or Crysis 2 you won't get those same settings and resolution , you will most likely get med to low on both. So the game has a lot to do with what you end up with for settings and resolution.
    This chart will help you to see where cards fall in order of what level they are on for gaming. You may want to consider a HD7750 or HD7770.,3107-7.html
  3. Btw, my mobo has a slot for am3+. Doesn't cpu help process the game graphics? I would run the game on 1366x768 res roughly 720p and on high quality settings, does the 6670 would still have problem with that?
  4. The cpu only helps in certian games and for most of the games it's the video card that makes the difference. The game BF3 is extremely demanding on the video card and that's why it heats up so much and the fact that I have a six core i7 extreme cpu with hyperthreading makes no difference and doesn't help the video card any.
    There are some games where a cpu being a quad core and running at high ghz will help but those are few.
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