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Ok I am about to put through my order for my PC I just have a last minute question.

I need to decide between getting an
OCZ agility 4 SSD
Getting a i5 3570 k, coolmaster evo 212, silvestone strider 600W and a 500gig Westerdigital HD.
As opposed to a i5 3570, and a 500W PSU with the SSD.

I will be using this PC exclusively for gaming. More specifically Guildwars 2. And I am not extremely interested in overclocking.

Which is the better choice?

Here is my build
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  1. Dont get a K chip and dump the cooler since you arent OCing, that way you may be able to afford your i5 3570 NON K with the SSD.
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    hes not getting a i5 3570K . the i5 3570k is the same thing but without unlocked capabilities. the cooler you can drop but if you want better temps, id suggest getting it

    if you are getting the non-overclocking chip, id suggest getting a h77 chipset board like the asus p8h77-v. im not too sure if you have that where you live

    id pass on agility drives. id get a crucial m4 128gb SSD instead.
  3. Ironically the H77 is more expensive than the Z77 i have selected.
    These are pretty much my choices in SSD's sorry South Africa has really expensive hardware so i want to keep costs down, my build would cost about 900$ in the States, it's costing aroung 1300$
  4. i really dont recommend the agility series. they are the bottom end of ssds and arent that known to be reliable. what ssds

    this is much better but i dont know how much is the exchange rate
  5. its 8.5 to 1 so that rolls in at a pricey 170 dollars
  6. thats actually a good deal given how expensive the vertex 3 max iops is. in canada or the us, it costs 300 dollars

    are you sure you dont have crucial m4 drives?
  7. Nope dont have them here. What I think I will do is get the PC now and get a SSD down the line in a couple months. Thanks so much for your help though.
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  9. ok then
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