Phenom x4 945 Bottleneck?

My motherboard is M2N68-LA (Narra6L) - It's from a prebuilt compaq.

It has a 95w TDP so the best CPU would be the phenom x4 945 deneb 95w or I would have to get a new motherboard.
At 900p, will a x4 945 bottleneck a radeon 7850? Should i get a cheaper GPU so it's more balanced? Will i be able to play newer games with a solid FPS on High/med?

I'm not planning to OC, maybe in the future but right now i just need a decent/budget build that will run most games.

Current PC:
AMD athlon x2 270
Radeon 6450
2 GB ram ( Might be getting 4GB)
Win7 64 bit
900p monitor
I don't know my PSU, but i know i'll have to get atleast 500w power for my GPU.
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  1. nope the 7850 shouldn't be a bottle neck dont listen to people that say things about bottle necks as long as your not using your phenom with a 690 and it looks like your motherboard will support the cpu
  2. benchmark for 7850
  3. Are you sure about this because I just did some research and i think the 7850 is too powerful for the phenom x4 945. Plus i'm on a 900p monitor not a 1080p, that makes it worst right?
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