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Best upgrade from amd 6570

Hey guys,
I am a pc convert from the console, and I have an ok hp pc that I just purchased about 2 monthes ago and I want a better video card. I have an AMD Radeon HD 6570 and I have no idea what card could replace it or if a bigger card could be used in my current pc. Any ideas on what card would work?

hp Pavilion HPE h8-1020
Intel i7 2600s , 2.80 GHz
1 Tb hard drive (7500 rpm)
8 Gb Ram
Windows 7 64 bit OS
Stock power supply
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  1. I hate HP Specifications sheet as they always omit the power supply specifications. Therefore, we can only assume that it is <300W. I always feel bad about HP PC config that have i7 for processors & weak GPU's in the package. This almost always compel the owner to spend more for the ultimate GPU upgrade when the weak GPU proves unable to handle the task.

    Anyway, what is the monitor resolution you are playing on & are you willing to invest in a new PSU or would you like to limit the GPU upgrade such that you do not need to upgrade the PSU?
  2. I am currently running 1920 x 1080 with dual eyefinity. I would definitely consider upgrading the power supply.
  3. Is your PC standard size? What is your budget?

    If it's standard size, you could fit any GPU in the world inside your PC, so your main limiting factor will be your budget.
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    angrymerk said:
    I am currently running 1920 x 1080 with dual eyefinity. I would definitely consider upgrading the power supply.

    This is what you must understand; any graphics card that money can buy that will run on your current stock Power Supply is simply a waste of money. You will definitely have to upgrade your Power Supply if your planning on getting a new graphics card.

    Since your running on 1920 x 1080; I would recommend the following;

    Power Supply: Corsair Enthusiast Series 650W V2 [Cheaper than the Corsair 550W]
    Price: $89.99 + Free Shipping / Before $20 Rebate

    Graphics Card: XFX 6870 1GB
    [Great price/performance ratio, handles most modern games at high/medium settings @ 1080P]
    Reasons: This card costs $10 more than the other 6870s after rebate, I felt the dual fans would be much more efficient at cooling the card during heavily loaded operations. Even though the 6870 is last generation, it offers much more performance for the price compared to the current lineup. And being older comes with much more drivers, a win win if you ask me.
    Price: $189.99 + Free Shipping / Before $30 Rebate

    Here is a 5750 VS 6870 benchmark. We know for a FACT that the 5750 is faster than the 6570. See for yourself the difference it makes;

    6570 vs 5750;

    5750 vs 6870;

    Edit: While $200 may seem like a lot for upgrading, but you'll gain much need performance to boost your gaming experience. The 6870 will be able run most modern games at great playable settings.

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  6. Thanks for the quick responses dudes!
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