Best graphics card for dell optiplex 755

can u please suggest me a good graphics card ???I have a budget up to 6000,i have Intel core 2 duo processor with hard disk space upto 130 GB , ram 2 GB. please help
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  1. What is you currency?
    What is your power supply capacity? brand & model?
  2. I think OP's is "rs" for OP's money. And that isn't very much compaied. and what OP has for a system it would be a GT 430 or 440 on the nVidia side and on AMD the best OP can do is a HD 6670.

    And that all depends on OP's PSU brand and watts. Anyway I wish OP good luck.
  3. i am also a dell optiplex user the minitower has 305W PSU !!
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