CPU bottleneck?

Hello All.

I just need to be sure before spending all the Christmas gift money :pt1cable:

So I want to ask you guys, to confirm me in my suspicions.

I had a plan of gaming in 3D, so I bought a new monitor ASUS VG278H, I figured that I also might be needing a new GPU to game in 3D so I bought the EVGA 660ti FTW to replace my old ASUS GTX285.

But to my surprise I get almost no improvement in FPS between the two cards even in normal game mode (not 3D), and it do not seem like the new GPU is ever working close to 50% capacity(power, mem etc.).

My thoughts are that I may have a serious bottleneck on my hands, in form of my CPU.

System specs:

MOBO: Asus P5QD Turbo
CPU: Intel Core duo E7600 (3M Cache, 3.06 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
Memory: Kingston Hyper X, kit 2 x 2Gb (4GB :D )
PSU: LC Power 1000W
Think that is all that is relevant?

First I thought the problem was the new monitor, but since my old 24" Samsung syncmaster 245B was running a resolution of 1920 x 1200 and the new 27" is running 1920 x 1080, then if anything the new monitor reduces the load, in my mind.

I do not have great frame rates in anything. I tried F1 2012 built in benchmark test. And there is actually no difference between the 2 GPU`s. High settings gives me a Avg. FPS of 28 and low settings gives me 35FPS not nearly enough to make me trouble to test with Nvidia 3D vision.

RO2 heroes of Stalingrad, again not much difference between either graphics settings or the two GPU`s. But CPU seems to be working very hard 90-100%

I know my CPU not is the best in the world, but again I have seen worst. And I don`t want to spend a lot of money upgrading if there can be another problem.

So do I have a serious CPU bottleneck?
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  1. yes, cpu bottleneck. but having a cu bottleneck is not always a bod thing, it means you can crank up detalils and AA more without a performance hit.
  2. Thx. I was not all off then:-) Think I am going all the way with a new system :bounce:
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