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hi all i am new member but long time visitor this is the best place for advice and i was wondering if i could get some i am wanting to build a new system first time it is for gaming mostly and general use id just like to say in advance thanks for your input here are the specs if you could help me to see if all parts are compatible and if they would be easy enough for a first time build.

cpu I7 3770K
ram Corsair CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10 Vengenace 16GB 1600MHz CL10
ssd VERTEX 4
psu Corsair CMPSU-850AXUK Professional Series Gold 850W
case THERMALTAKE LEVEL 10 GT already have it in the box

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  1. For the Processor i say swap it out for the i5 3570k, you will be able to game better. I would also go with 8 GB instead of 16GB

    Also I heard ASrock makes a nice board for cheap

    ASrock Z77 Extreme4
  2. I'm a new member as well and just posted a similar thread haha welcome. Anyway, I'd say skip out on the i7, get an i5 3570K instead because hyper threading in games can often hinder your performance, (or 2500K if you don't mind sticking with sandy as it runs cooler).

    Also 16GB of ram is overkill for gaming, stick with 8GB to save you cash. Your cooler looks good, your GPU is like best of best right now. Not sure what games you want to play, but if you are running single monitor, 680 is a little overkill as well for a 1920x1080 single screen. You could save about $250-300 by going for a strong 500 series card.
  3. If you did intend on a 500series I suggest a 560Ti its what i use now, and im getting 60 FPS (i play Wow on ultra in 25 man raids as well as Ultra on BF3)
  4. thanks so much for your replys i didnt expect them this quick i do not intend to overclock thats why i went with 3770k as for little boost in performance from the 2500k i am upgrading from a amd 965be would i see a performance increase with the 2500k do you think the psu is a good match with the system as for gpu id prefer the 680 for better performance i will change the 16gb ram for 8gb does anyone have an opinion on a good solid keyboard and mouse thanks
  5. I heard Razor makes decent Keyboards and Mice, (alil on the expensive side)

    You will still see better performance outta the 3570k cuz i7`s do that shitty hyperthreading which is only USEFUL in vifeo editing and heavy crap like that. No game uses the Hyperthreading yet... wait till like Call of Duty 15 before we see that
  6. does anyone have any build advice for a first timer
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