Replacing i3-2310M with i7-2760QM

is it possible to replace my current i3-2310m with i7-2760qm?

compare: ",53474 "
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  1. What make and model laptop are we looking at here? You can check with the support site for your laptop to see if the upgrade is supported.
    You might want to run CPU-Z and see what socket you actually have there since the FCBGA1023 is a soldered on CPU (FCBGA = Flip Chip Ball Grid Array) which would be interchangable (by a professional with the right equipment) while the PPGA988 and FCPGA988 sockets (from what I have read) are not. I will attempt to get confirmation of that.
  2. Hi

    did you look at difference in power rating( requiring a better heat sink) 35 W 45 W
    does the laptop manufacturer offer both cpu's ? as options
    is the I7 supported in laptop BIOS ?

    can you get the correct heat sink for the I7 ? (could just be a bigger or faster noisier fan ?)


    Mike Barnes
  3. Hi :)

    We NEED the make/model etc a general rule its not a good idea in a lappy to put a bigger more powerful and HOTTER cpu in... it creates a number of problems, and unless you have rebuilt a fair few lappies. its not a DIY task...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. Generally speaking, if that same laptop model offers an i7-2760QM as an option then it should be okay. The best thing to do is call tech support and ask them.
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