What power supply wattage needed for crossfire radeon 7870 and 7950?

Building new rig going to crossfire in the future. Going to be overclocking the cpu from the start to 4.2 ghz. How much wattage would you recommend for crossfire on a msi radeon 7870 and msi radeon 7950?

z77 extreme4
128gb ssd
8gb ddr3 ram
windows 7

currently for power supply i have corsiar hx750 but i am building 2 rigs one will crossfire the 7870 the other the 7950 in the future wondering if i can get a hx650 for the 7870 xfire one.

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  1. id get 750w for both to be kinda on the safe side.

    i would get a xfx xxx 750w psu instead since it is cheaper than the hx750w and just as good. they sell for 104.99 after MIR at us.ncix.com
  2. Sorry for a bump, but would a 650 be enough for xfire 7870s?
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