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The Best Card for Q6600 2.4

am running a Q6600 processor ...and am not willing to overclock it . cause i don't know what it takes to do that....
i need to upgrade my nvidia 9500 GT to a hight Graphic card without being bottlenecked .... also if i did overclock my Q6600 will i need a new cooler or something ....
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  1. What is your budget? What is your current power supply unit? How much RAM you have? Is your case standard size? What OS are you running?
  2. my budget is around 250~300$ my psu 650W . RAM hyper-x 6GB , yes standard size , os 7 ultimate edition x64. i don't care about the budget as i care about the bottleneck thingy , i was going for gtx 480 when i heard about the bottleneck
  3. GTX 480 will work fine concerning your CPU and it will not be bottlenecked.

    I would be more concerned about your power supply unit. Could you post its model and make?
  4. If i need to upgrade my psu which one should i buy
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    It's a decent power supply, it will work flawlessly for single GTX 480. Just don't buy two cards and you'll be fine :D
  6. lol all i want is to play new games at good quality my 9500GT ddr2 is already too old
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  8. I'll wish you good luck then, GTX 480 is a very decent card for your money :).
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