When i play crysis 2 on my laptop the system is shut down why

how i recover from?
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  1. If you play high settings, it may be due to too much heat on the graphics card or the CPU.
  2. Settings have nothing to do with heat.

    I'd suggest downloading HWMonitor and checking the temperatures. If the GPU is over 85C or CPU over 75C, you'll have to open your laptop and clean the dust.
  3. I should be more technically specific, higher settings increase the workload on the hardware thereby increasing the temperature.
  4. Doesnt matter the OP wont ever come back to this thread.
  5. When you play crysis2 the video card consumes a lot of power. If it is hardware related It could be a bad video card or the power supply is short of power.

    Try to update the driver.

    Get it replace or check with tech support see if software patch can fix it.
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