Weird glitch with Radeon 6870

Hi, I have a strange problem going on with my Radeon 6870. Basically today I was installing some new drivers, so I went into control panel and deleted the old dirvers first thinking that was a better idea then just installing the new ones over the old ones. While it was uninstalling my whole screen turned black and i could still see my desktop but everything was so dark and windows was barely visible. It was like my screen was 8-bit or something. After that I restarted... and it was still the same. I plugged my DVI into the other DVI input on my graphics card and everything was fine. I was able to install my drivers back (using the newest 12.4 ones) so after that I plugged my cable back into the original DVI input that was having the issue and it was normal again. This is the weirdest thing I have ever seen. I'm wondering why this might be occurring on just that one dvi input.. I just want to make sure my graphics card isn't damaged.
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    It's not damaged, don't be afraid. Imagine what happens to a car when you pull out its driver while he's driving it? :lol: The same happened - you uninstalled the drivers windows didn't switch to the proper generic drivers (still they switched, otherwise it would have been black screen) and that's why the display was buggy. When you switched the port - windows managed to detect right drivers apparently. When you reinstalled the real driver, everything came back to normal
  2. ahh! I see what you mean. So it was windows fault lol. Thanks for clearing that up for me and the fast reply. :)
  3. Glad I helped you :).
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