GTX 560 and asrock b75 pro 3

Hi :bounce: ,
i am new in the forum , but i have been reading articles here for long time . Now i am building a new pc. Something like this : Intel 4Xcore pcu , MOBO asrock b75 pro 3, 8 gb ram or more,now i needa gvc. PC for playing BF 3 , STCR 2 , D3, CoD ,all online!
My problems: don have a lot of cash - eur. I am from Bulgaria, here we do not have a lot of varieties of pc components.
We have alot of cheap stuff and alot of expensive ones. I dont know if i should look for the cheap ones and overcklock them,or wait 2 years so that i can have enough to buy something dissent which is a bummmer .

The intel and the mobo i find them suitable for me. I like this cards : GTX 550 ti and 560 and hd 5830,6850,7770
Now on our market we have a lot of GF gtx 550,560 and 5xx TI. And alot of Radeon hd 6550,6700,5650 and other shits.

Do you have idea if i put on the MOBO asrock b75 pro 3 a gtx 5xx , will i have some problems. I am asking because i saw that this board is mainly for radeon . It has crossfire.

I think we cant talk about SLI here,can we ?

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  1. Yes, a GTX 5XX can fit in the asrock B75 pro 3. & yes, you are right that we can not talk about SLI for that motherboard. Give us the link to the store you are planning to buy so we can recommend good options for you.

    What is your budget today?
  2. Tell us your budget (best in your own currency) and give us a link to any online shop in your country which sells computer equipment. We'll fix something up.
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