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Im looking at buying memory and beyond price , latency , speed , and what not , the timing sequences have me baffled .. for instance the dominator platinum had a timing of 8 8 8 24 but the same product in a different gig capacity was different ... How important is timing and does one type lend itself to a certain application like gaming and another to rendering or what .. totally confused .. ty in advance :??:
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  1. Two things latency and speed govern ram performance. If you are asking if there is difference between for example 1600MHz ram with latencies of 8 8 8 24 versus 1600MHz ram latencies of 9 9 9 25 it is only measurable (benchmarking) not noticeable.
  2. That makes sense and as Ive been told that gaming wont require more than 8 gigs of memory I should go for the best speed at a total of 8 gigs like ??
  3. 8 Gb is fine, as for the speed and timings, I doubt you will notice much in a game ect.
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    That is high speed ram and is not worth the price premium over lets say 1600MHz CL9 ram. You will not notice the difference and it will hardly show up in gaming benchmarks but will in memory benchmarks.
  5. I think they offer something in between the 1600MHz and the 2666MHz at a reasonable price ... with an ivybridge installed will oc'n effect memory speed as well ? .. sorry if thats off topic
  6. Raising the multiplier on the CPU will not affect memory speed. IB will not overclock on fsb which would affect memory speed.
  7. Soooooooo , thats no ? noob was the operative word in the thread title lol .. So I take it the speed you buy is the spped your stuck with ??
  8. It is possible to over or underclock the ram in BIOS by itself.
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  10. ty all for the reply's
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