Computer not starting up

i have a cooler master, a asus p8z77-v lx motherboard, and a corsiar hx650 power supply.

i hooked up everything already, and when i try to start the computer it wont start. When i do turn on the power supply, a led lights up on the motherboard, but the fan on the power supply does not run, and i do not hear any sounds.

The power supply comes with 2+4pin 12v wires for power, but the motherboard has an 8 slot 12v.

A problem that occurred while plugging them in was that somehow, there wasnt enough space to combine the two wires, so i had to cut some piece out (the structure of course, not wires), and scrunch them in, and i also tried plugging only one of them, but computer wont start up (led light on motherboard still lights up).

My first question is that shouldn't the power supply's own fan be able to power itself if i just plugged that in and power it on?

My second question is, what is the problem?
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  1. sounds like PSU is dead.
    the 2 four 4 pin = 1 8 pin

    you can try the paper clip trick and see if the power supply comes on(fan) if not then you know its dead even if it does come on the psu still can be dead under load.
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    it a know issue with some of the cossair power supplys and there 8 pin connector not fitting on asus and the rog forum. you only need one 4 pin connector to power your asus mb. just make sure your using the pci power plugs and not a pci video power.
    also check that the mb not shorted out on the standoffs or i/o shield.
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