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Guys i need help . I just bought my new pc the config is this

Proc: i5 2400

GPU: asus gtx 660 ti

mobo : asus h77

psu: cooler master gx 650 watt

cabinet : cooler master elite

RAM: Transcend 8gb 1333mhz

OS : Windows 7 ultimate

I installed my newly bought ac 3 game . IT ran smoothly at high settings at a res of 1440x900 for like 2 mins then the comp restarted. This is happened twice so i thought the game was faulty and tried with crysis 2 ,it ran smoothly for a few mins and again the comp rebooted . I have the latest nvidia drivers i am running windows 7. Plz provide a solution
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  1. check temperature.
  2. How much should it be i am having HW monitor can u tell me wat the temps shud be
  3. whats ur temps when u play that game
  4. CPU 51 deg

    GPU 41 deg
  5. is that idle load max load
  6. It is currently at 61 deg and am not even playing in games
  7. are u using the stock cooler

    if u are buy a cheap after market cpu like the cooler master tx3 eve
  8. So psu is not a problem? its just over heating?
  9. yea
    its ur cpu
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