How to set up my capture card ?

Hey guys I just bought a avermedia avertv hd pvr capture card, I have 2 pcs one pc is the one I want to play my game on and its running 2 6850s and 2 monitors. Now crossfire is disabled and each screen is connected to its own card.

Next I got my streaming pc and I put my capture card in there then I connected the hdmi cable to my gaming computer to the top gpu and then to the capture card. When I started my gaming pc the background only showed and no icons or nothing.

Do I have to run them in crossfire for this to work ?

How would I connect this ? Both monitors to the top gpu, each monitor separate gpus, crossfire on or off, and where would I plug in my capture card hdmi cable which gpu ?

Actually I see whats going on, the gpu thinks its another display so It moves everything over to the left and all I have is a blank background, how would I make it as an output so its an output to my capture card and not make it think I hooked up another monitor?
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  1. huntsman said:
    Actually I see whats going on, the gpu thinks its another display...
    How do you know the gpu thinks its another display? Can you see the output of the HDMI as a screen under windows display setting? Like this:
  2. I think thats whats going on since both of my screens are displaying the background but not the icons of taskbar. Anyway I bought a hdmi splitter and I get red lines/circles when I connect my monitor and my capture card to it :( I dont understand how to set this up.

    When I try 1080p or 720p it gets red lines but on low res like 640x400 or something like that its fine, but then when I turn on my second pc the image from my monitor disappears.

    Any idea ?
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