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Looking to buy a laptop honestly don't know which one to buy so I'm looking for maybe somebody with a lot of laptop knowledge? If you would?

Price really isn't too big of an issue I suppose but it would be nice to not go all out since I do have a main PC that I built not to long ago.. this is mainly for gaming, video/photo editing, etc. but want to have mobility around the house (gf hates when I "ALWAYS" sit in my office).

I've been looking at the new mac book pro with retina display but all I ever hear from is the mac haters.. "LOL DONT BUY MAC THEY'RE SO BAD!!" but can't really give me a reason why.

So, if you guys could help me out that would be great. Again, looking for a laptop that would run like D3, WoW, CS:S, BF3, pretty much anything without hiccups, and also for editing.

Thanks for your time.
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  1. Macbook = your spending more then you need to.
  2. ok but why? give me your opinion on what I should get?
  3. I think you should not get a Macbook, cuz the cost factor, Macbook`s are nice yes, but for the same price of one i can get a custom Windows Laptop to run faster and better.

    Look at Alienware laptops
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