Is 700W PSU enough for this build?

My system will have an i5-3570k, 16G DDR3 RAM, ASRock Z77 EXTREME4, 1TB HDD and 1 120G OCZ SSD.

I am not yet decided between a GTX 670 FTW or an HD 7970 but I want to keep the possibility of adding a second card later on.

If I want to plan for the future, will a regular OCZ ModXStream Pro 700w Power supplied do the job or should I get something more powerful?

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    More then enough, Also drop the ram to 8GB you ever use 16GB
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  3. That's the same build I'll be upgrading to fairly soon. Works case scenario I can't see it pushing more than 600w.

    I'd also agree with lowering the ram to 8Gb. It took me a few tries to max out my 8Gb with several instances of video editing and 3DSMax running simultaneously. I really can't see maxing it out in a practical sense happening for at least another 5 years... With obvious exceptions.
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