Should I get this or that first?

Okay guys, I had a question:

With a 80$ budget, which would be a better investment? A 680i motherboard, or a GTX 460 1GB?

If you think Motherboard, do you think 680i/750i/780i boards will go up or down in price within this year? Also, is the 680i LT a good board? (thier consiterably cheaper online than BFG 680i's)

If you think 460, tell me your thoughts on why?

Relevant information:

Current MoBo:

Asrock G31m-s R2.0

Current GPU:




I'm stuck at about 50/50 on which to get :P
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  1. in my opinion Save your money, wait till you upgrade the CPU and Mobo together
  2. I'm building a pc with an extra C2D I had for fun.
  3. Do you think the 680i LT (the green nvidia board) is a good board? (its $60 instead of around 90$)
  4. Core 2 e7300, clocked it at 3.7Ghz no problem.
  5. 2 GTX 460 1GB's.
  6. What's the power supply model and how much ram do you have?
  7. GET a good GPU :(. Save more money and don't cry later
  8. 4GB GeiL 800mhz
    Viotek 550W PSU (will upgrade when second 460 is bought)
  9. AyuX said:
    GET a good GPU :(. Save more money and don't cry later

    I cant run SLI 460's with a non-SLI board ;)
  10. No point in getting an SLI capable board if you won't have any budget left for gpu.

    I suspect you'll be quite happy with one gpu that you won't add another too fast.
  11. Its what one should I get first, not what should I get with the expectation of not getting more money :P
  12. i5 3570k
    Corsiar vengance 16GB (4x4) RAM
    ASUS P8Z77-V
    Hyper 212+
    ASUS GTX 560ti SLI
    Corsair case (I dont know the name offhand, was a used gift)
    1000w Coolermaster SlentPro
    1TB + 120GB SSD in RAID
  13. Haha, thats funny, history repeats.

    Its a hobby >:D

    So, 680i SLI board, or GTX460 first? :P

    (I need to know what one will be more expensive/harder to get later when I get another 100$)
  14. Last question:

    80$ for BFG 680i SLI


    60$ for 680i SLI LT (the green nvidia one)
  15. That board is not within the 80$ I am willing to spend per part :P
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