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Ok, i finally have my server pieced together. I am using a Intel server board s1200kp. i power it up and the bios options come up, i select f10 to pick my boot device and it loads and then turns off. i go to power it back on and it starts beeping at me and then turns off. I did this a couple times and everytime it was the same thing. any ideas? It reconizes my drives and my raid card if that helps.

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  1. Usually the beeping is done to indicate what the problem is. If you can find the manual for the motherboard it should tell you what the sequence of beeps means.
  2. Yes use the beep error message to locate your fault as said. look up bios error beep codes in the manual or online it will tell you the problem.
  3. Yeah, after i did some reseach today at work, i found just that. At first i thought it was a memory error, then got home and turned it on again. this time i fired up, found my usb to install windows, and started installing, figured it was just one of those things just to make my life difficult, then i turned my head for one second and it had turned off. turned it back on and the code beeps. according to the manual its a thermal trip warning. sooo i guess it means its to hot? this would make sense seeing i dont have a heat sink fan on it, just a fan thats with the enclosure im using. could this be the problem?
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    Do you mean that you don't have a heat sink on the CPU - this is a fundamental thing which you need to sort out!
    If not cooled properly it could lead to the processor itself being damaged!
  5. Yeah I figured so. I read somewhere that if the processor isn't hot then it may be that the processor needs to be reseated. I'll check that here shortly. In the mean time, any suggestions on a H.S. enclosure is a fractal design array r2 if that helps.
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