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Computer Shuts Off While Playing Games

Hello, I have been having this problem where my computer shuts off while playing games that you need a better computer to run. I recently bought a GTX 550Ti GPU and a 700W Power Supply. I'm not sure what the issue is but if anyone could help I would be real appreciative.
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  1. Which 700watt PSU and while you are at it post your full system specs!

    And for the full specs thing... where would I find those because I'm "newer" with computers and I don't know.
  3. I would blame it on the PSU since that brand is not known for its reliability.
  4. Ok, any cheap PSU that you would recommend? Or good brands to get?
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  6. Thank you very much. Also, would this one work? I like it being modular.
  7. Yes it will work fine. Another cheaper modular option
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  9. Alright thanks I really appreciate it.
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