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Hello Toms!

I'm looking to build a new gaming rig next week. Upgrading from my Athlon II 4200 that I have right now. My budget is $1300, I have a good knowledge of pcs. So I kind of know what I'm talking about.
Anyways, I game heavily. I also need something that will encode movies fast. I burn lots f movies and right now it takes 2 hr 45min to encode one vid. I'm looking for faster. Also burns take 15 mins. So yeah here it is.

i5-3570k - $230 @Newegg

ASRock Extreme4 Z77- $120 @Newegg

G.Skill ARES 8GB (Blue color) - $50 @Newegg

EVGA GTX 670 FTW- $420 @Newegg

WD caviar black 1TB- $120 @Newegg

NZXT Phantom- $130 @Newegg

Want a very high quality psu. If possible fully modular.

Any DVD burner


What would you guys change. Mabye the HDD more space for less, if there I'd. Like the Samsung F4 2TB but it's 5400RPM is it too slow?

Thanks TH!
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  1. I run a Cooler Master Silent Pro 750w which does more then i need, and its fully modular except for the Motherboard connections
  2. i wouldnt get cooler master just yet. stick with solid brands like seasonic, corsair, xfx, pc and power cooling, and some antec units

    this is what i would get

    make sure that you use the onboard GPU on the i5 3570k to encode videos as it is much faster than the gtx670
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