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So putting together a $1200 ish build and looking for a case for around $100. Main things I'm looking for are nice space inside, air filters on intakes (removable if possible), Blue LED Fans, good airflow for good air cooling so I can OC a i5 3570k, toolless design, nice cable management, and also usb 3.0 is a major plus.

So far I have come across the Corsair 400r and HAF 922. The Corsair is nice, but could use a bit more fans and the HDD trays seemed somewhat cheap from vid reviews. The HAF 922 looks nice large and solid, but I don't think it has any air filters and the fans are red :(

I know they discontinued the HAF 922 blue, which is a shame. I could miss airfilters for a revised usb 3.0 version of that beauty.

If anyone knows of a case that meets what I am looking for let me know.
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  1. Two that seem to fit nicely into your budget are these. The first I'd bet you'll like more (and it has removable air filters).
  2. Well I have just almost completed my first ever build and I have used the RaidMax Quantum, and it is definitely worth the £75 that I paid for it, it has 5 internal case fans, all with either blue blades or blue LEDs, and it also has four blue LEDs on the front corners, well worth it :D http://www.amazon.co.uk/Raidmax-Quantum-Midi-Tower-Black/dp/B003P21FPY
  3. To be completely honest, that brand isn't know for making the best cases. Although some are nice.

    Those prices make me feel bad for you European guys, we would pay less that that in US dollars so with the conversion those prices are a bitch.
  4. I liked that CM HAF however it was about 2" to tall for my desk I have. Ended up with a Rosewill Challenger. It has the blue disco fan in front (came with it, along with a rear and top exhaust) I attached a Cougar to the side with a (homemade) filter behid it. My board is an extreme 6 with a 3770k cpu. Using two Adobe programs at once such as Flash and Premier my Mobo is 96 degrees and my Cpu is at 100 degrees. Fans are all set on 2 except for the CPU CMater is on Auto.
  5. I really hope that isn't Celsius.
  6. OK so still looking, but mostly looking into HAF cases lately. I am kinda caring less about filters atm. I like the features of HAF XM as it is a more updated HAF case with rubber grommets and the like, but seems to be a tad big. I would chose the HAF 922 instead, but it has really no cable holes at all, let alone rubber grommets. I REALLY like the front 200mm fans on many of the HAF's. Also, I really want usb 3.0. Why? Because it is 3.0, thats why!
  7. Well get that Xm. I like it too. Its big and will give you a lot of room for upgrade !
  8. I would really reccomend the haf x !! once you've put all the blue fans in it looks reall nicee. especially the two top 200mm fans. It's got great cooling too and it's huge.
    :bounce: :D
  9. The GMC H-80 is a nice fan. Its got good airflow with a big 240mm fan on the side panel. Its a toolles design and has very nice cable management. The downs are for you, it has red led fans and no usb 3.0. It has a bottom mounted psu which will save u alot of space. It will run you up just under $100. Is defiantly worth the price!
  10. Wait, is the HAF XM a full tower or a mid tower? It seems like its kinda both?
  11. It is a mid tower.

    Although still quite large.
  12. Shame I couldnt get a HAF 922 size, but with actual routing holes for cables beside the motherboard tray. The 922 is big still, but not quite XM big. I really am not sure I have the space for something on the scale of the XM tbh.
  13. I have a Haf 922 blue... it was awesome. i just got bored of it.. and built a custom case in a 1927 Radio.
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