SATA power connectors aren't working?

So I'm building a PC and everything was fine until I realized the fans were working, the motherboard powered on just fine, everything worked BUT the hard drive, and 2 optic drives I have connected. After messing with it a bit, I found out that the 4-pin molex's were fine, everything was fine except the SATA ones, I've tried using a converter (Molex to SATA) and it did not work.

Here is as much detail as I can put:

The power supply is a 650W Raidmax
I have a GIGABYTE motherboard, 2 optic drives, Nvidia GT640, AMD Sempron 145 and one hard drive onto it.
I've already tried using molex to SATA converters; it failed.
If I used the converter, it would work on other types of connection (3 pin, 4 pin) but SATA for some reason.
It is not a modular PSU.
The red voltage switch on the back is set to 230v instead of 115v.
The fans and motherboard worked .
I used a different power source and all SATA devices are working properly.
I'm not sure if its the SATA cables, Power supply, or how I set it up.
I'm not using any kind of LED light in it.

I kinda need help right now.
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  1. Well that is a crappy PSU.

    Change it
  2. Hi

    Have you correctly identified the SATA ports on the motherboard ?
    does it have one or two SATA controllers ?
    are they enabled in the bios ?
    are disk & optical device seen in BIOS (when sata power plugs connected) ?

    sometimes the secondary ATA/SATA controller is disabled by default ?

    I can not give more clues as you have not given motherboard model

    A volt meter can detect if 5V & 12V are correct by connecting to a spare Molex connector.
    rare for Molex to give 5V + 12V but SATA power connector not to work.


    Mike Barnes
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