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Where can I buy a 52mm x 52mm bracket?

Where can I buy a 52mm x 52mm bracket?

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  1. What card is the bracket for?
  2. 4870 if I'm not mistaken,
    I'd say make a bracket and keep that metal ruler away from your bloody graphics card! :P
  3. Be nice, he did take the card out of his machine first.
  4. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but there's one in the picture? What do you need one for?
  5. @Paul, it doesn't matter,
    he could easily knock a component or short something, residual current takes a while to dissipate :)

    safe is better than sorry with electronics
  6. Yes it is a 4870 lol and btw the ruler has a cork back, I wouldn't just lay metal on metal. Why does it matter why I need a new one? I need a new one because I stripped 2 of the screw heads and I want to take a dremel to the heads to make a notch but it is level with the bracket. Anyone know of any places I can buy a new bracket?
  7. Glad to hear about the cork backing :-) I'd google around to check the bracket size for the cards it does say it fits but I'm confident that that would suffice
  8. I do not think a video card has enough residual current to do much.

    I like the idea of those other brackets listed. My only worry would be that the AMD bracket has 4 rubber feet that touch in a certain spot on the board.
  9. What other brackets listed?
  10. the H80 one. It is actually to go on the TOP of the card and hold a water cooler. I am gonna try to dig and see if my old X1900 bracket is still kicking around and what size it is.
  11. It would be nice if it was the right size :)
  12. According to this nukemaster it should be the right size.
  13. It does not seem like I am able to find it. It was years back when I swapped the heatsink from that card, I did remember it just sitting around for a while. If I catch site of it, it's all yours(assuming it can just be mailed out. Please do not post an address in here, If I find it. we will use PM's for that). I will have another look for it today and see if anything turns up.
  14. Ok, thank you :)
  15. Any luck?
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    Was just about to give up on it.

    Close, a bit thinner and not as wide. not 100% sure the screws will fit right. It also has the rubber pads missing. you would have to try to stick the old ones on(2 way tape). This is it on a 4870

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