Upgrading CPU HP Vectra VL800/1700

I now have in My Computer a Pentium 4 Cpu & I would like to upgrade to a faster one so it can handle the Games I play online! Could You please recommend one for My system! My current one is very slow! Thank You! Edward
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  1. It depends on which socket Pentium 4 you have. If it is socket 423 than you pretty much have the best you can get, nothing newer was made for that socket. If you have a socket 775 motherboard with a Pentium 4 than you can upgrade to a Core 2 Duo model, some are socket 775 like this one and although not much better core per core, the multi core architecture will help free up one core for gaming and one for other things. Essentially with a single core everything is crammed into one thread, with the Core 2 Duo you have more CPU to go around.
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