30 G 7200 HD or 40 G 5200 HD?

I'm gonna get 1 of the following 2 Hard drives for my new system. Should I get the 1st one or the 2nd one. I'm a gamer.

1. 30 Gig 7200 RPM HD
2. 40 Gig 5200 RPM HD

Sorry don't know the manufacturer
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  1. Definitely choice #1. The extra speed from that hard drive will do you good.

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  2. I have a 7200 RPM IBM HDD and my dad has a 5400 RPM Seagate and in the SiSoft Sandra Benchmarks he gets better marks than i do, don't go by this though there probably just another thing wrong with my computer

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  3. depends in what ur gonna use the hdd for. say, if ur just gonna store files or mp3, then get the 40gi 5200. however if ur gonna use this hdd for ur primary partition, ie c drive, then go for the 7200rpm one cause its helluva lot faster.

    also getting a decent brand is advisable. ive got the imb 30gig 7200 delta. its going strong after 1 year and im sure its still got heaps of life left :)
  4. Since you mentioned that you're a gamer, I'd think choice #1 is advisable.

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  5. Get two dirt cheap 15 GB hard drives and setup a RAID! :smile:

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  6. Gopher the speed of #1. You probalby won't even use that space up unless your running an MP3 server or recording a lot of video.

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  7. 30 g 7200hd...

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
  8. your sandra benchmark depends on alot of things.
    1. drive speed & capacity
    2. ata interface its attached to
    3. optimised drivers, udma enabeled etc
    and also
    4. amount of stuff on your drive & degree of fragmentation.

    ive noticed that with sandra my 40gig 60GXP was spot on with sandra after a fresh install of windows2k. now its lost some 5-10% due to all the garbage i have on it.

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  9. Just make sure that you get a new model no matter which speed you get.
    I've seen cases of new 5400 RPM drives beating year old 7200 RPM drives due to better caching, bigger buffers, denser data, etc.


    That's what you get for buying your computer based on <font color=orange>color</font color=orange>. :redface:
  10. I'd go for a 40GB. Just 2 months ago I ran out of space on my 30GB!!! I was shocked. I went to a Wester Digital 80GB drive (7400rpm).

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